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Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/13 Northern Pond Natural Area

Cold, gray, windy morning ( we got some sun by the time we were on the trails) . I didn't feel like a long drive and we hadn't been here in awhile. Kelley was up for anything outside as yesterday was snow ( melting) and then rain most of the day.

Our plan was to do the short canoe launch trail first. At the start of it was a hunter sitting on a camp stool looking down the trail. He said he had seen deer cross the trail in the past. When he saw we wanted to use the trail he left, saying he didn't want to shoot us. We didn't get far on the trail. When I stepped on the third section of bog bridge I found it was actually floating and  it sank to the point I was in water over the top of my boot- cold water. We turned back. I felt bad that we had messed things up for the hunter and then weren't even able to use the trail.

We had seen a sign by the parking about a closed trail ( posted above) and there was another at the start of the trail

but we decided to see how bad it was and proceeded to the closed area

bad enough to turn back and go to the bypass trail to begin our hike and were soon on better footing.

Our route is indicated on the map above. The trails are mostly through fairly dense woods, sometimes coming near ponds.

Northern Pond

We found the beaver pond more interesting- for Kelley it was easier access.

The dam end

and the view from the dam

and a pano - click for the big picture

Beaver Pond  - N.P. 11-11-13

Kelley didn't mind the vegetation

one last shot of the beaver pond

Another pond which is not named on the map

and one leaf

A good two hour hike. Kelley was really happy to be out in the woods. I still felt bad about the nice hunter.

Picture from previous winter for Linda


  1. Lovely reflections on the water. Liked your pano shot too. Can't believe Kelley still swims in the water when it's so cold!

    1. Thanks Linda- cold does not seem to be a factor for Kelley- in winter when temps are below zero and she can find open water she will be in it. I will add a picture for you.

  2. The view from the dam and the pano are especially nice.

  3. Appears you are feeling better? The hunter was a good hunter. Would you have taken the trail if he had stayed?

    1. I am feeling better, thanks. I probably would have taken the trail anyway- it's very short and he knew we were there. He asked if we were going down it. When I said ,"yes" is when he decided to leave.

  4. Stunning photos around the dam. Beautiful.


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