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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/25/13 City Forest and Walden

Cold and windy again but the sun is shining. I stalled 'till the temperature  reached 19 degrees and  then we headed out. We started from our usual spot at the end of Kittredge Rd. Kelley was quickly frustrated as the pond had thicker ice then last time  and there was no getting in. We followed the West Trail to the rail bed and that to the snowmobile trail ( Kelley's choice) and then an unnamed trail ( Kelley leading the way) to the Loop Trail and back to the rail bed. Our usual trail took us back out to complete our loop.

We met a few people and one dog which Kelley liked but there was no water to get into. I tried to break through in a couple of places but the ice was thick enough to support my weight. I didn't take many pictures as I was not anxious to take off my mitts and open my jacket to reach the camera.

Kelley was happy to be out and we had a pretty brisk hike 2  1/4 hours


  1. Tried again with Firefox and this time even though I allowed third party cookies it would not take. You are going to have some really cold weather soon--even will get in the 40's here tonight--have you tried the coat yet? You may just need it soon if not. Have a Happy Thanksgiving--I am working by choice--someone gets to home with their family--say "woof" to Kelley. Brother Tom

    1. Hi Tom - Sorry you continue to have trouble with this- easy answer is open a Gmail account- you don't have to use it. First hike with ( a little) snow on the ground today. Tomorrow 50's and rain- weird weather continues. Hasn't been really cold yet but it's only a matter of time before the coat comes into play. Kelley says, Arf Arf"

  2. I stopped by to wish you and Kelley a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks, Kim - and the same to you and your family


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