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Sunday, November 24, 2013

11/23/13 Boyd Road and Hunters Brook

Cold and windy so we wanted woods for some protection. Our friends Faith, Roxie, and Gus joined us. Boyd Road is an old road/path that has been abandoned. We started from the service road on Rte. 3. and followed it to the start -parts of this path are a narrow trail and other sections show evidence of the road it once was.

At the intersection with the Pond Trail we found this pond ( not the one for which the trail is named)

We continued on the Boyd to where it curves up to the carriage road. I have never found the section the rest of the way to Bubble Pond but today we gave it a try. This amounted mainly to a bushwhack as none of it looked like what we had been on up to that point and we gave up and moved up to the carriage road to Bubble Pond.

It was really windy in the open and we did not linger but went back to the Pond Trail and took that to the carriage road and that to the Hunters Brook Trail.

Gus and Kelley talking it over

Gus having a drink- you can just see Roxie in the distance as she is usually ahead of the rest of us.

We followed Hunters Brook to the loop road and the short walk back to Rte. 3 and our nearby car.

A pretty good hike in spite of the weather. The woods turned out to be a good idea and the dogs all seemed happy with the hike.  3 hours


  1. There were white caps on that pond!

    1. Yup, Faith- pretty windy Like your avatar

  2. Hi John,

    I hiked this trail over the summer, based upon one of your previous posts. It's a great walk. I couldn't find the last part of the Boyd Road, past the small pond @ the intersection with the Pond Trail. I tried bushwacking from both ends to no avail.

  3. Hi Christopher-- if you look right beside the pond .almost immediatly after you get on the Pond Trail you will see a bit more of it. It goes for a short distance and then swings up to the carriage road. From that point on i think it may be overlaid by carriage road.

  4. Hi John, I think I found that part - it winds around the pond to the left and then curves up to the carriage road. I tried bushwacking further from there, as well as hiking into the very southern end of Bubble Pond, where there are a few small trails, but to no avail. I agree that the carriage road probably took the last part of the Boyd Road.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Yes, sounds like you did the same thing I have tried several times, also to no avail. I am looking for new abandoned trails to try.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


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