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Thursday, October 31, 2013

10/29/13 Tunk Mountain and Hidden Ponds

Cool but mostly sunny. My brother was visiting from Florida. He had hiked in Maine before but had not been to Tunk or the ponds.

Some of the first views as you come out of the woods and on to the ledges.

Kelley had not hiked with Tom before but she soon adapted  ( she is not big on any change in our routine) and decided he was OK.

 Enjoying the view

Tom on our way back down

When we finished we had some time left and  decided to do a short part of the Hidden Ponds Trails.

Kelley on the way in

Salmon Pond

Mud Pond

At Mud Pond turned back. A couple of more pictures of the leaves - they will be gone when we return

A great hike- my brother and I had not seen each other in several years and we got beautiful weather to go along with the  pretty country- Kelley enjoyed it too. Tunk took us 3 hours and the ponds another hour.


  1. How nice you got to go hking with your brother! Hope you two have a good visit.

    1. Hi Linda- yes it was very nice to hike with him and we did have a nice visit.

  2. That's great that you got some brother time..savor..

    1. Hi penbayman- thanks for your comment- it was good- we are hoping to have shorter intervals in the future.

  3. Looks like you had a great time. I am always glad when someone "from away" gets to see how beautiful the real Maine is!


    1. Hi Faith - we did have a great hike and it was beautiful.Thanks for commenting.

  4. Having written this post 3 times I now hope that it will go through. A great hike and as my brother said when he suggested it--a lot of great views without much effort. The weather was great and Kelley was a bit concerned about who this person was that never went away, but she fianally accepted the fact that I was there and was not going to leave. Recommend the hike to anyone that wants to see why hiking in Maine is such a joy. Brother Tom

    1. Well it did- I appreciate you putting up with all the hassle involved. I was pleased that you liked the hike. Kelley not only accepted you, she came to like you and would look back if you were behind us. She says, "woof woof "


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