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Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/16/13 Newman Hill-Hinds

 New Map

Mostly cloudy with some breaks of sun and rain forecast. We have a new map of  the Newman Hill area and decided to see if it would resolve some confusion we encountered on previous hikes.

We started from our usual parking area and started up Taylor Rd. Still lots of color and, of course, water for Kelley

Kelley wanted to take the short side trail to Pine Pond and so we did.

At the point where the Pine Pond Trail goes left the road swings right. But there is also a trail that goes straight ahead. I believe this is actually the old rail bed rather than the road they have so labeled. Though not apparent from this picture the sides are banked as most rail beds are- we saw much more of it later- the other road  is just a wide flat old road but we followed that.

When we turned of the road on to the ski trail we came to a fork that we had seen but  not previously tried ( it's on the new map). There was a sign saying it was the ski trail but after that there were no signs and no other marks or numbers ( it does say "Draft" ). We tried to follow it as on the map but soon realized we were again off course. After some wandering on various unmarked trails  we came out somewhere on the trail that I think is really the rail bed  ( as indicated , no idea of route) . I have added that trail to the map above.  We followed the road back we had come in on. Kelley got to get back in the pond and I got a couple of pictures.

A pretty good hike in spite of the somewhat frustrating trails- nothing new there. The trees are still pretty and we did not get any rain. 2 hours


  1. Sounds like fun, though, and pretty as you say!

  2. Hi Faith - it was and we are used to being confused on these trails.


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