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Sunday, October 27, 2013

10/27/13 Frye Mountain

Cold, wet, drizzly morning with a small chance of rain forecast. We only went downtown for a short walk yesterday so decided we would hike today. Some light rain on the way over but clouds and sun when we arrived and no further rain. The last time we were here we could not find the trail head which was obscured with vegetation. We thought we would find it today, with most leaves on the ground, and we did.

Some pictures of  different parts of the trail

 The Bartlett Stream was very low- there is an alternate trail for when the water is high and the stream difficult to cross.

An old stone fence running alongside the trail

We have hiked this trail several times and never met anyone. Today when we reached the summit we met a group of nice people and their dogs

They are new to the area and we talked about other nearby trails. When they heard Kelley's name they asked if I had the blog with my dog Kelley. People never recognize us until they hear Kelley's name.

As they headed down we wandered around the summit for a bit to give them time to get ahead. There are no views or fire tower as often reported but here is a tower fragment

When we came to this junction

we made the short climb to the ledge for a look and for lunch

and then back down

and onto the trail back. A pretty good hike on a mostly nice day. 3  1/2 hours


  1. How fun that someone recognized you and Kelley!

    1. Hi Kim- that has happened a few times and it is nice.

  2. How about that? You and Kelley are famous! :)

    1. Hi Linda - yes, it is nice to be recognized and find that local hikers look at our blog

  3. We missed the trailhead as well when we were there earlier this fall..gotta be a always great photos

  4. "When they heard Kelley's name they asked if I had the blog with my dog Kelley. People never recognize us until they hear Kelley's name."

    This is exactly how I met you on Tunk Mountain last October!

  5. Hi Christopher

    I remember that. Thanks for commenting.


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