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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10-1-13 Eliot Mtn. and Harbo Brook

Mix of sun and clouds but no rain predicted and temperatures in the 60's- so pretty good hiking weather.

We started from the Eliot Mtn. trail head on Rte. 3. This is a nice woods path

and the only difficulty is a fair amount of exposed roots- the climb is gradual and presents no problems for Kelley.

This is not a popular trail and we had never met anyone on it until today we met a couple who were not sure where they were as they were staying at a local hotel and just wandering without a map. They were, although,  headed in the right direction.

The summit of Eliot is wooded and offers no views but if , when you reach a small ledge, you  look back the way you have just come you get a glimpse of the sound and  ocean.

Going down the other side on the Asticou Ridge Trail you get one other glimpse through the trees from another ledge

Once down to the Asticou Trail we took that across to Harbor Brook and Kelley was happy to see water she could get into.

We took the Harbor Brook Trail back to Rte. 3- Another pretty trail that is mostly close to the stream and Kelley takes full advantage of it.

When we reached the highway it was just a 4 minute walk along the road to our car. It had been a very pleasant hike. We had not done this one in a while and Kelley seems to enjoy the novelty. 2  1/2 hours


  1. I wish we'd get some dry sunny weather. It's been nonstop rain since Friday! :(

  2. Hi Linda- we had a couple of stretches of that- drove us both crazy


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