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Thursday, October 3, 2013

10/2/13 Demeritt University Forest

A near perfect day - upper sixties and sunny. I didn't feel Like a long drive so we went to check out some trails in Orono that we had not done before. We planned to start at the lower end of the Red Trail but missed it and started from the Logan Road entrance instead.

Once on the actual Red Trail it was more of a woods walk

When we reached the other end of the trail we could see why we missed it- a forest service yard confused us.

There we met a nice forest service man who worked on the trails. He told us the first part of the White Trail was so wet it might be impassable. He also told us about some trails at Perch Pond we did not know about and gave us some maps. We headed back the way we had come and followed the route shown on the map above. All the trail and intersections were well marked except for the last little loop of the Green trail which was confusing for us.

When we got back to the car we walked across the road and down a very short way to the Stillwater River for lunch and a swim for Kelley.

This was a near perfect day weather wise and a very pleasant tramp through the woods. We met no one on the trails.  3  1/4 hours

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