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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/21/13 Perch Pond Trails

Cool but sunny- 50 when we started 60 at the end. Today we decided to explore the trails constructed by the bike people and take another stab at finding the end of the Spruce Trail. We entered from the North Trail , starting at Kirkland Rd. Our route is marked on the map above. Mostly the trails were easy to follow but not all of the numbered intersections on the map actually have numbers or signs.  We still did not find the elusive end of Spruce and there was some confusion in that area. We did find the section we had been on before. As Kelley had found no water to get into, we gave up and head down the trail that would lead us to the pond. The other area of confusion was the trail called 'Dumbo's Dilemma'.  We expected to follow it to it's end but it took us to intersection '5' . We had passed one unmarked intersection after the Shore Rd. but it went to the left so we did not take it.

It was a beautiful sunny fall day and we enjoyed walking the trails anyway.

Lunch was good

There were still a few wildflowers and bees.

Waiting patiently while I took that last photo

A beautiful day in the woods.  3  1/4 hours


  1. Kelley sure looks relaxed and in Dog Zenland..nice..

    1. Hi penbayman - I think she enjoyed it as much as I did. Also she doesn't believe in wasting energy- nothing happening, take a break.

  2. Beautiful fall colors as always. Looks like you even found a few straggler flowers.

  3. Thanks Linda- yes, late fall here first frost forecast later this week- usually get one in Sept.


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