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Saturday, October 5, 2013

10/4/13 Sunkhaze Wildlife Refuge

Another beautiful day. We, along with a friend and her two dogs decided to try to find the South Buzzy Brook Trail- the north trail head is marked but the south had not been. We parked on the Studmill Rd. and walked the McLaughlin Rd. ( a gated road at times used by lumber trucks). and found that there is now a sign for a trail head- not named but we assumed the trail we were looking for. It didn't take long to find that the trail was in really bad shape with lots of blow downs, brush, and wet mucky sections. A lot of the time it was difficult to distinguish the trail from the surrounding woods and soon not possible at all. We continued on, seeing a light area ahead and thinking it might be Buzzy Brook. It was not the brook but a huge area flooded by beavers. We walked along the edge a bit but could see no way around.

 Kelley, of course, saw this as a chance for a swim.

We started back the way we had come but could not find the trail. We spent some time looking for it - or any trail- but without success. We came to another area which appeared to be more open and thought it might be the road but seemed to be another stream or boggy area. At that point we acknowledged we were lost and gave up on finding a trail ; using the sun we just tried to head on a straight line through the woods, thinking we would eventually hit the brook or a road and know where we were. We eventually came upon an old woods road and followed that out to Mclaughlin Rd. - not the trail we had gone in on but now an easy walk back to where we had parked.

This snake  was on the road and did not move as we passed. it even stood it's ground when I knelt to take a picture and struck toward the camera.

On the map above I have marked the sections I know we were on. When we were back on the road we still could not determine where we had been in our wanderings. So, not the hike we had planned but an interesting one on a beautiful day and the dogs seemed to have had a good time and not concerned about our route.  3  3/4 hours

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