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Saturday, March 9, 2013

3/8/13 Amphitheater Carriage Rd. Loop

Mix of SUN and clouds but windy with strong gusts. The carriage roads seemed like a good choice today. We started from the parking lot ( empty) on Rte. 198. There was still a fair amount of snow but mostly well packed and no ice.

It was nice to hear the roar of the wind in the trees above us and yet be protected from the brunt of it. When we came to the trail head for Sargent Mtn. the trail didn't look too bad so we decided to give it a try. We soon found ourselves in deeper untrod snow and thought it was only going to get more difficult ( Kelley was not enthusiastic) so we returned to the carriage road.

When we came to intersection 22 we decided to see where the road south went rather than continue on our planned loop. The section of map I had printed out ( above) did not show us and I was too lazy to dig out the big map. It wasn't long before I saw Bailey charging down the road toward us with her mistress  behind. While the dogs played I found we were headed toward the Little Long Pond area and there were no roads to bring us back to our start. We turned and walked a short ways with Bailey and her mistress until they turned off and we continued back to our original route.

The small bridge over Little Harbor Brook- good spot to stop for lunch

And the brook

After our lunch we continued the loop back to the car. It had been a very pleasant hike with mostly easy walking and the sun had been really welcome. 2  3/4 hours

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