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Saturday, March 16, 2013

3/15/13 Penjajawoc to Walden

Sunny but cold- yesterday we hiked in the 40's - this morning it was 21 degrees when we started from the Penjajawoc Grasslands at the end of Fox Hollow Rd.

The snowmobile trail had a surprising amount of snow considering the rain and above freezing temps of the last few days.

After the bridge we took the right fork of the trail to go to the old rail bed but came to a stream that was no longer frozen over and had to turn back.

We found a trail we had not tried and thought it might take us around the stream and found a network of trails ( or old woods roads) . They had not been used recently as there were several trees down across the trail and we had to work around them. We came to the stream at a narrower spot and were able to get across.

The rail bed had some spots of snow and ice but much of it was clear

To return we took the snowmobile trail off the rail bed that goes out to the easement and to the other fork of the trail we had come in on ( no stream to deal with) . When we got back to the Penjajawoc  Kelley watched me as I took  a picture.

Then when she saw I was headed for the car after only a 2 hour hike she laid down to let me know she wasn't ready to stop.

She did not get her way and we headed home for lunch.


  1. HI John...Oh my there was a real nip in the air yesterday,very deceiving as I went out for a walk wishing I had worn gloves!!
    Oh my goodness is that every cute of Kelley wanting to forge on!! Great stubborn look on here face!! She tried : ) !!

  2. Hi Grace- thanks for your comment- yes quite a change in the weather- goes with the weird winter we had. That is not the first time Kelley has told me she wants to continue. The girl has a mind of her own.


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