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Monday, March 11, 2013

3/10/13 Walden

Last night I thought Kelley might have been a little stiff so planned an easy day ( she seems fine though, this morning)  I also needed to do some neglected chores- plant watering, run the vacuum,etc. so  an easy hour and a quarter at Walden.

The first part of the loop still had a surprising amount of snow but well packed for easy walking and the woods are quite pretty.

When we reached the old rail bed we were surprised to find sections ( not the whole bed but we couldn't see how far in the other direction)  had been bush hogged  and uglified .

We followed the rail bed past the other side of the loop to the snowmobile trail and the back into the woods to the south part of the loop - Kelley picks this route- and found more bush hogging- even uglier.

There was also a huge swath cut from the path off into the woods towards the expanding development. Apparently the expanded development had been in the original agreement that gave the Bangor Land Trust use of the land. They had done some earlier work on the trail- drain pipes, filling in low spots, etc. and I thought that detracted from the natural feel- weakened   the illusion you were in the woods.


  1. Now and then man can add to the beauty of our surroundings, but more often than not it isn't much better than this. Looked like the trail was big enough before the brush hogging.

    1. Someone today told me they are doing this for a new gas line. You are correct- we rarely improve and usually deface.

  2. Yes, looks like the work of Bangor Gas. Hope you don't mind - shared one of your photos and quoted you on :)

  3. Hi BB- use of the picture is fine. I assume the clearing along the old rail bed is the same project?

  4. Presumably. According to the Bangor Land Trust facebook page, the right of way runs along the Blue Trail. Thanks, again!


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