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Friday, March 15, 2013

3/14/13 Jordan Pond to Bubble Pond

Rained most of yesterday so we just walked around the neighborhood. Rain forecast again today but we have blue skies so we headed for Acadia and an area with alternative trails ( not knowing what we would encounter) . We started from the Jordan Pond parking lot and walked along the end of the pond  to the Pond Trail.

The plan was to take the Pond Trail across to the carriage road and that up to Bubble Pond. There was quite a bit of ice on the trail which was not a problem for Kelley and I walked in the snow beside the trail. Then we came to a set of stone steps that take you up the ridge and Kelley was not able to get up the top part ( I barely managed it)

Kelley went down the ravine to look for a way around but the ridge was too high and steep and there were lots of downed tress in her way. She did find some water, however.

We turned back  to try plan B - the Triad Pass Trail to the Hunters Brook and that across to the carriage road. The Triad pass had surprisingly deep snow but we only did the short section to the Hunters Brook. There we were immediately confronted with even worse ice.

OK - plan C-back to the loop road which we would take to Bubble Pond. The road was mostly clear with some sections of ice that were not hard to walk around. It was a relief to be able to look around rather than  watching where I was stepping to avoid the ice.

South Bubble up ahead.

Some of the ice. I photographed it Kelley took a rest

Bubble Pond from the north end. A big dark cloud helped because I was shooting into the sun.

The cloud passed and just behind us the stream coming out of the pond looked almost  like summer

We then took the carriage road along the pond to the south end and this view. 

Kelley went through some thin ice at the edge and needed me to break  some of it  around her to get herself out.

We continued south on the carriage road - this section was mostly snow- some a few inches deep  and pretty good walking. At the number 17 marker the road became completely clear for a good stretch- open southern exposure I guess.

Back to the loop road for a short distance to the parking lot. It had been a 3  3/4 hour hike and I though Kelley would be ready to stop but she walked past the car and down to the boat ramp. 

Jordan Pond from a different angle

An interesting hike with some challenges and variety on a pretty day. We met no one but did see two deer jump across in front of us. Kelley took off but returned when I called her ( always a maybe) and then cried that she could not join them.


  1. There are many, many great hikes at Acadia, eh? Which season do you prefer? I really need to check some of the trails out. Your posts will make a great guide!

  2. Hi penbayman- Thanks - yes there are many great hikes and each of them is different at different seasons or even days. Hard to pick a favorite but we probably go more when there are less people. Busiest times are July and August, especially on the week-ends. If you are looking for a particular trail or feature use the search function at the top of the post. Also, earlier posts of a particular hike often have more detail as I didn't want to keep repeating myself.

  3. I loved this series of pictures, John. Hope my first attempt at a comment comes through.
    I really love the chance to fantasize that I am making this cool trek with my friend and his great dog. Thanks again for the blog.

  4. Worked fine Lynda. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them.


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