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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3/5/13 Partridge/Ducktail Attempt - Bangor-Snowmobile Trail

Gray drizzly morning with rain forecast. We decided to try the Partidge and Ducktail  ponds and drove to Amherst- raining now but we continued , hoping for a break. When we arrived at the access road it was blocked by a large snow bank left by the plows and the access  road itself had not been plowed. We headed back to town and considered Blackcap Mountain from the scout camp we passed but remembered how treacherous a winter hike had been last year ( I fell several times and had a sore shoulder for weeks ) and continued back to town.

We parked near the river with the idea of just walking around town. I let Kelley pick the route but she apparently wasn't excited about this plan and in 45 minutes had us back at the car.

Next we drove to where the snowmobile trail crosses Broadway and headed down that trail . The first part is a large field and the snow was mostly gone with lots of water about. Kelley was happier though, running ahead and prancing through the snow that was there. When we got to the more wooded section there was more snow but little ice, less water,  and good walking. There were two small bridges that were bare of snow, exposing the slats beneath, and Kelley would not cross them but found ways around them. Finally got in a good walk without rain.  2  1/4 hours


  1. Kelley likes the snow alright..will she be happy to have bare ground to walk on soon?

  2. Hi penbayman. she just loves being out in the woods- whatever the conditions.


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