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Friday, March 22, 2013

3/21/13 Little Long Pond

Sunny day with temps around 30. Decided to see if there had been enough traffic around the pond to make for easy walking. We parked at the upper parking lot and headed for the Friends Path. There is a small stream about 100 feet from the lot and Kelley goes there first

The path had had some use and the walking was not bad- better than the recent ice- and beautiful

After a dip in the pond we started on the West Trail where someone had preceded us. They soon gave up as the snow got deeper in the open area and we also moved up to the carriage road. A little traffic but still a bit of a work out. Kelley didn't mind and continually bounded ahead of me.

We met a man with two dogs on leashes and he was telling us the story of their rescue and improvement with his working with them- they had apparently been abused. While we were talking Zach and his mistress came by - we had met them before and Kelley joined them as I continued to talk. I was afraid Kelley was getting too far ahead so broke off the conversation and headed off to catch up. When I found the Kelley and Zach were enjoying the snow and the company.

Zach is a very energetic dog

We walked with them the rest of the way to the road

And the returned by way of the Friends Path.

A branch with some lichen

And one wore visit to the small stream so Kelley can be soaking wet when she gets in the car

A tiring but nice hike. Kelley really enjoyed the company and the snow. 2  1/2 hours

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