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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3/12/13 Long Pond to Jordan Pond

Gray morning with rain predicted but not raining yet so we headed to Acadia to see if we could get in a hike before it started. The trails are still iffy, mostly due to ice, so we decide the carriage road were are best bet. Wanted to do the area north of Long Pond that we don't usually do and we started from the parking area on the east side of the pond.

First things first- Kelley immediately found some open water at the edge of the pond.

We followed the trail next to the water up to the actual carriage road.

Along the first section of the road we met several dogs, including Kelley's friend Bailey and this made her very happy.

The first section of road was probably the easiest with several patches of bare ground. After that it was a mixed bag with  icy sections and even places where there was still 3 or 4 inches of snow. But nothing really bad.

As you walk north a section of the road follows Jordan Stream quite closely.

When we reached Jordan Pond

we stopped to share an apple and then head back south but on the road that loops around Redfield Hill. This was the iciest section but there was enough debris from the trees that it wasn't slick slippery and in places I could walk in snow beside the road. None of it was a problem for Kelley.

A glimpse of Long Pond through the trees along the carriage road.

We managed 2  3/4 hours without getting rained on and it was a pleasant outing.


  1. John, LOVEd the picture of the single tree leaning over the water. the water is such a pretty color.

    I think you should take that same picture every season and put them together in a post. (not that you ask for an opinion :) haha

    Oh that Kelley loves her water. Nothing like a happy dog!

  2. Hi Julie- thanks for the comment. I'll try to get seasonal pictures of that tree- that's ice still so I guess that one counts for winter. Yes, the girl does love the water- and hiking.

  3. I really like your photo of Jordan Stream (4th from beginning) Amazing that Kelley jumps into the water, even when it's so cold outside.

  4. Thanks for your comment Linda. I like that one too. Cold does not seem to be an issue for Kelley. She was happy that it was not still all ice.

  5. Things are definitely opening up. It seems like this winter has been one of the longest I've endured and I'm am so ready for it to go bye-bye...

  6. Thanks for commenting penbayman- it has seemed long- maybe because of all the dreary rainy days and ice with relatively little real snow. But spring here is glorious when it comes.


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