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Monday, March 11, 2013

3/11/13 City Forest

Late start this morning because the furnace guys were here for the annual maintenance. A mix of clouds and sun but mild temperatures. Good for two hours at the forest. Most of the snow is gone from the fields above the beaver pond so we started from the end of Kittredge Rd. and down to the beaver pond. Kelley  knows this route and what's over the hill  and got excited but was disappointed to find it still frozen over.

Some lichen

We took the West Trail, intending to do our loop using the rail bed and a trail between it and the West Trail. But we soon heard the noise of heavy machinery and assumed it was more bush hogging and decided we wouldn't take our usual route but go north on the rail bed. We saw this when we got to the rail bed.

We  thought we would be out of the work area if we could get through the marsh heading toward Forest Ave. Not far along Kelley went through the ice and was not able to get out because of the depth and the ice kept breaking in front of her ( she is very wary of ice anyway) . She would not deal with the ice beside her so I got a stick and broke it up and she walked to the side and out ( and thanked me with a shower) .

We gave up that idea and headed back the way we had come, exploring one of the side trails and then the back of the beaver pond. Kelley surprised me by going out on the ice and I thought she wanted to check out the beaver's lodge. But then thought maybe it was the water around it that interested her. That was as far as she went.

Others were at work besides the bush hoggers. The tree is about 12" in diameter.

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