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Friday, March 29, 2013

3/28/13 Around Little Long Pond

Yesterday we had rain/drizzle all day and ended up just doing a short walk around town. This morning it's again gray but supposed to clear up. It's still difficult to anticipate trail conditions at any location so I printed up several maps and we headed for Acadia. On the way I opted for Little Long Pond which wasn't one of the original possibles. We started from the gate on Rte. 3 and walked over to the West Side Trail. Not a lot of snow but still patches of ice and lots of water. Kelley was excited to be out after yesterday laying around the house and did lots of exploring off the sides of the trail and running ahead of me. . Twice I had to stop her from rubbing herself in something- I know not what.

As I took this reflection picture

she took advantage of the water in her own way.

When we reached the Jordan Stream trail we decided to continue on it even though there was more snow along with  ice and quite a bit of water on the trail.

The trail closely follows the stream and is quite pretty

We ( I) had to do some bushwhacking around pools of water and there are a couple of small bridges Kelley won't cross. Usually she just goes into the water and around them. Today, because of the icy banks, that was made more difficult and I once had to help her out of the stream.

When we reached the Cobblestone Bridge  which crosses over the trail

we had an apple break and decided to take a different route. We followed the carriage roads ( patches of dirt and snow)  to the Asticou Trail which had , surprisingly,  more snow.

We followed that to it's end at Jordan Pond and then took carriage roads back down to our start. The skies never did clear but at least we did not get rain ( a little during the drive home) . Not a bad hike. Interesting that in 3 hours we did not meet a single person or dog. I don't think that has ever happened before at the pond.


  1. Love the reflections you captured in your first photo!

  2. Thanks Linda - I have a weakness for them.


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