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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3/25/13 Kebo Brook Trail - A new One

Mix of sun and clouds but mild with little wind. Decided to explore a new trail we had noticed yesterday, just off the loop road. I could find no maps so we would play it be ear depending on trail conditions. We were familiar with the other trails in the area. I have added trail signs to help clarify.

The marker indicated that the trail passed the Cadillac N. Ridge and went on to the Gorge Path

Past the trail to Cadillac N. Ridge

 we continued on the Kebo Brook

and then found that the trail continued on past the Gorge to Great Meadow. We took the Gorge, planning on only the first part as it gets quite difficult for Kelley further down  ( very large  steep boulders) and the cut across the Hemlock.

 We then passed under the loop road bridge. A surprise as this is where the Gorge Path used to begin.

 We continued on to the intersection with the Hemlock- trail  use had been pretty good up to this point but became less so. The walking was still not difficult.

We were going to take the Hemlock across to the Stratheden  but Kebo Mtn. didn't look bad so we decided to go across it. There were some minor work arounds for Kelley but she handled them easily.

 Kebo is a low mountain with no summit views other than peeks through the trees.

Across the road on the north side of Kebo we found another  sign for  the new trail.

 We took the trail to the Stratheden , another easy trail.

and that to the Hemlock Rd. where we saw this deer

As soon as I took the picture it bolted and a larger deer followed. Kelley got very excited but came when I called her ( a sometimes thing) . We took the Jesup  back to the loop road and crossed it to the Great Meadow loop Trail. I thought it would connect with the Kebo Brook Trail and take us back but could not find the connection.

Kelley resting while I try to figure out our route.

 It must be further from the loop road so we just took the road back to the Stratheden and picked our  trail back up from there.

Another time we will continue on from here to the Great Meadow Loop and discover where they connect.

An interesting hike with pretty good trail conditions and weather- it did cloud up by the end. It was fun to explore a trail we had not been on before- I think we have done all the others in the park except the ladder trails ( which I had done before Kelley)   3 hours


  1. Looks like you have lots of great places to hike near your home. How wonderful that must be!

  2. Hi Linda. You are right I am lucky to live where I do- most of our hikes are less than an hour and a half from home and many closer still.

  3. An awful lot of signs..many choices of direction..lead on Kelley!

  4. Hi penbayman. Usually at an intersection she waits for me to indicate which way we are going. Other times she has a definite preference and lets me know that.


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