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Monday, March 25, 2013

3/24/13 Cadillac Mountain Auto Road

Mix of sun and clouds. mid 30's, and windy. We hoped the snowmobilers had made use of the recent snow and made an easy walk of this hike. Both the Park Loop Road and the auto road are still closed for the winter.

We found the roads well packed with easy walking.

 The skies were the highlight of the day. An amazing range of blues and dramatic clouds, At times it became almost completely cloudy and we even got a few flakes of snow. At lower elevations the wind was not an issue but became much colder as we rose.

Eagle Lake from the auto road

Looking back the way we had come

No water for Kelley - only lots of ice

On our way up we met a man on a bike coming down- didn't look like fun to me.

Two views from the summit

After an apple snack we headed back down. About half way Kelley raced ahead of me and I knew there was a dog and/or people ahead. When I caught up it was a couple we had met once before by Eliot Mtn. with their dog Bear. They  recognized Kelley and remembered our previous meeting and said they used our blog.

Two more views of the road  on the way down.

A nice hike on a beautiful day. 3  1/2 hours


  1. Glad you got out and enjoyed some sunshine..but still not looking very spring like yet..I guess it's coming, by the end of June!

  2. Thanks for commenting penbayman. Spring does seem slow in arriving.


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