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Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/29/13 Little River Trail

A beautiful day- around fifty, little wind and sun ( though it clouded up near the end of our hike). This time we started from the end at the water district office.

The first reservoir was still mostly frozen

Which did not seem to impede the water running over the spillway

The trail conditions varied - some sections were clear but other sections had patches of ice and even a fair amount of snow- all fairly easily worked around

The second reservoir also mostly still frozen

We walked to the point where the trail turns away from the river and heads toward the ball field and stopped for a snack before turning back. You can see why it's called 'Little River' It was very nice sitting in the sun by the river. In spite of the snow still around it felt like spring and that maybe there was going to be an end to winter. Water here for Kelley to get into.

Some peeling bark we spotted on the way back

Near the end of the hike Kelley found a melted section next to the bank and got in a dip before we headed home.

A very nice day. Kelley seemed to enjoy the trail and all the relatively new scents to explore. She was disappointed at times when she went in search of water and found only ice.  3  hours


  1. My back yard John. Did you notice the rope swing on the lower reservoir trail? a little early for that..maybe you can give it a shot later on in the summer..

  2. By the way..I've been getting a good amount of comments that are really nothing more than spam.. much like the comment above mine..more and more all the time. very annoying..

  3. Hi penbayman - I did not notice the rope swing and probably won't try it - that's Kelley's element.

    Yes I have been getting more spam too ( 15 in last 4 days) . Usually the filter catches them but I have to manually remove those, like the above ( no longer there), that get through. About once a week I send a copy of the list to Google as a comment. I hesitate to add those code things as some people already don't comment because it's not a clear cut process. Wish there was a way to set them up to receive lots of spam.


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