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Friday, August 10, 2012

8/9/12 Marsh Island Natural Area

Hot day and an early dental appointment so no early start. We headed for nearby Orono and this property of the Orono Land Trust.

This White Admiral would not give me the pose I wanted

We followed the trail from the end of Penobscot St. , through Peter's Field, and on to the river. The marshes had all dried up and the bank of the Penobscot is about 20 feet above the river here but we managed to work our way down to it so Kelley could get a nice swim

On the way back we attempted to reach the pond but once again were foiled by the confusing trails and just hiked back to where we started from.

We then walked down to the river for one last swim

And one last insect.

Not a long hike- 1  1/2 hours- but  pleasant -  it seemed like enough as we were both feeling the heat.


  1. HI John...The river looks lovely, so good to see Kelley in for a swim or two ; ]!
    Trying to catch those butterflies is not easy, they can give you a run around and not fun on a hot day, but it is a nice one just the same!
    The leaves on the branch is like a piece of art..
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Grace- Thanks for your nice comments and you have a good weekend too.

  3. John, it's so darn awesome that you and Kelly can hike very day and more importantly you DO hike everyday. I enjoy when others take advantage of the beautiful surroundings. Heck we're going to drive 12 hours to get up there for some good walks! haha


  4. Hi Julie- thanks again for commenting. We have to hike because of Kelley's arthritis in her back knees. Read her story at the top of the blog- right now she is doing well with 2- 3 hours of exercise per day. Doesn't hurt me either.


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