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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/21/12 Newman Hill-Hinds

Rainy morning so a late start sent us to Orono. Last time we tried this area the deer flies drove us out but there are less in other areas so... We started from the cross country trail head on Forest Ave. and the first part of the trail was very pretty and without deer flies

As we got into the bog area the deer flies found us but not in the numbers we had previously encountered.  This is another of those places with many more trails than those shown on the map and we soon were having to choose at forks in the trail with no indication of where each went. We eventually found a trail that said it led to the parking area and took that to the road.

And the deer flies had disappeared so we walked along that for a bit to give Kelley a chance at the ponds.

Clematis virginiana

Kelley enjoyed the ponds

As she swam I tried to get pictures of the numerous butterflies ( there were some small beauties) and other insects but most were very skittish and this Viceroy was my only success.

We then walked back along the roads to our car. But just as we started Kelley spotted a black lab in a yard and went charging over- the dog was friendly as was it's owner and after a brief meet we continued on our way.  1  1/2 hours


  1. Your butterfly photo is absolutely stunning!

  2. John, the "new one" is "Clematis virginiana", the only species of clematis native to the northeast. It blooms in July with masses of tiny white, fragrant flowers. It's a "kissing cousin" to the large flowered clematis you see in many gardens.

  3. Thanks for commenting and for the ID help Cindy


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