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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/7/12 Tunk Mountain

A nice day so Tunk with it's great views seemed like the place to go. There are three trails ( one no longer maintained) up the mountain but the easiest for Kelley is from Myrick Pond Rd. The trail head is not actually on that road but a track that goes off to the right a short distance in from Rte. 182. When I stopped the car it was enveloped with a veritable  cloud of deer flies- I had never seen so many at one time and we did not even get out of the car. We drove to the Hidden Ponds parking - about 2 miles- no deer flies. I was sure we would have them once we got on the trail- especially since the no longer maintained trail starts out quite boggy and wet but there were still none. This trail was a bit more difficult for Kelley than I remembered but she managed all of it with help from me in only one spot.

First spot with a view as you climb through the trees and near  the open ridge

A well earned rest

More of the trail

And another pano- do the two click thing

Tunk Mt. View pano b 8-7-12
At this point there is a short trail off to the right to a plaque and a view and the trail  starts down to the ponds. This trail has one impossible part for Kelley- a small set of iron rungs- and I had to help her down around them. The rest of the trail she managed herself

Looking across Mud Pond

Very shiny leaf against some old faded leaves

 A beautiful day, no deer flies after we left the Myrick Pond Rd., and we met a group of several women hikers who gave Kelley some attention. 3  1/2 hours


  1. Glad to hear you figured out how to dodge those pesky deer flies.


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