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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

7/31/12 City Forest

A nice day for an easy outing at City Forest. We started from our usual spot at the end of Kittredge Road and walked down to the pond

After a swim we wandered several trails for almost two hours

 The colors on this butterfly look richer when it's wings are partially folded

This caterpillar was initially hanging from a very slender thread

A pleasant outing except for the deer flies that were quite thick in some places. At times they even bothered Kelley who usually just ignores them.


  1. Hi John...Those deer flies even bug me while mowing the lawn, plus regular house flies are out for blood..they really bug me!!
    Most important thing, Kelley get's a swim
    in : }!!
    Lovely photo's...Striking ones of the butterfly,and that last flower is very pretty ..wonder what that is hmmm???
    Hope the rest of your day goes well!!

  2. Thanks Grace- Yes, Kelley got a swim- actually two at each end of the hike for a total of 4. The flower looks like some kind of fruit or berry to me but I don't know which.

  3. Great photos - love the butterflies!

  4. So that's what a deer fly looks like. I work in a primary doctors office and people have come in with nasty 'deer fly' bites. ick!

    That little fuzzy guy is cute. Hard to believe it's a caterpillar.

    Can't wait to get to Maine in September!


  5. Thanks for commenting Julie- I'm afraid my narrative is misleading- that is a long horned beetle. I'll try to get you a deer fly.


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