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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8/13/12 Black Cap Mountain

Hot and humid. We chose nearby Black Cap. I have never been able to find a trail map for the mountain but the trail starts at a kiosk at the south end of Little Fitts Pond

We usually follow the trail along the pond to a trail called Black + White, take that up to the ridge, follow it to another trail that takes you back down to the pond and then continue around the pond. Since there were scouts in camp we decided to skip the far side of the pond and walk first to the trail we usually come down.  The trail we found ( green blazes) was not the one we usually take and appeared relatively new and quite rough in spots- lots of difficulties for Kelley-and for me. There were some spots with imposing rock walls.

Eventually we reached a point where it was impossible for Kelley and I couldn't find another route up so we turned back to the pond. We went back to the usual trail we take  and started up again. 

When you reach this spot it feels like you are at the top but are not and you go back into the woods and continue on for awhile before you reach the top

Kelley seemed to be feeling the heat- taking rests which she doesn't normally do - so we had lunch and headed back down rather than continuing along the ridge for  the better views.

She was happy to see the pond and spent some time swimming around in it before we headed back to the start of our hike

This ended up being a more strenuous hike than planned but still Ok. One last swim and we headed home.



  1. Yes indeed the heat and humidity are hard on man and beast..glad Kelley found some relief...the water looks to be crystal clear..

  2. Thanks penbayman- yes it is- don't know what fish there are


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