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Saturday, August 11, 2012

8/10/12 Sears Island

Supposed to rain and the tides are right so we headed for Sears Island. When we arrived it was gray and foggy but not yet raining.

Kelley was immediately in the ocean- it was calm today and she avoids it if there are waves.

I have always been a beach comber and have piles of things I have picked up on various beaches. Now I just take pictures

We walked the east shore from the gate to the Blue Trail and it remained foggy

We took the Blue Trail to the  gravel road and followed that back to the start- and found some insects to photograph.

We went back down to the shore to have our lunch and met a family of visitors who were trying to dig clams and collect mussels. They were finding mussels but no luck with the clams. They had questions for us but we were unable to help them, never having tried clamming here.  A pretty good outing 2 hours


  1. Hi John...Wow I haven't been at the ocean to walk the beach all summer...fog or sunny there is nothing more relaxing!
    Kelley sure does enjoy life even with her arthritis!!
    Nice objects you chose to the acorn!!
    Have a good Sunday!!

  2. Hi Grace- thanks for your comments- Sears Island doesn't have much "beach" the shore is mostly rocky and the footing can be a bit difficult- still, I always find something of interest. The most frequent comment Kelley gets from people we meet is, "what a happy dog". She surely loves to hike and also the water.

  3. Yup..the east side is the only area for any beach at all..been there several times this summer..kelley is in her element..nice post

  4. Thanks penbayman- besides the water Kelley got to eat all kinds of things she found on the beach- no stopping her


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