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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8/6/12 City Forest w/ Deer Fly for Julie

Still warm and humid and the garden work is falling behind so it's nearby City Forest. We did our usual start from the end of Kittredge Rd. so Kelley would have two opportunities at the pond. The deer flies were fairly numerous but did not seem to be biting Kelley, just flying around us - this is annoying to me but didn't seem to bother her so we wandered for two hours and even did some trails we had not done before. For the first time in all of our visits we did not meet a single person- perhaps the combination of heat and deer flies?

Some of the things we saw

Deer fly for Julie - not very sharp but these suckers do not stay  still- first time I tried to photograph one.


Viceroy- a Monarch mimic



  1. I hate those deer flies! they stay still when they are biting my horse when we hit the trails! Love the blue flowers!

  2. Thanks for your comment Teresa- they are still when they are biting- the blue flowers are chicory.

  3. Hi John...Much nicer day today weather wise, but the deer flies still bite : }!
    I love the color blue of the chicory plant it used to grow near by, but is now gone!!
    Very nice set of photos from your hike, especially like the Jewel weed blossom, and they are fun to pop the seed heads too : }!!
    The Viceroy is often mistaking for the Monarch...I have learned to tell the differences!
    Heat and deerflies would keep me away!!

  4. Hi Grace- thanks for commenting- is Jewel weed the one that looks a little like a snap dragon? When I was a child in Michigan there was a plant that roasted chicory root for adding to coffee. I still remember the smell.

  5. John...yes..the last one is Jewel weed or some call it Touch-Me-Not!! Was great fun when I was a kid (well still is today for me)to touch that fat seed head and having it pop open and still makes me squeal and jump like it did back then! : }
    I vaguely remember hearing something about coffee and chicory root before!

  6. John, thank you for the picture of those darn deer flys- they look a little like bees. I don't think I'd like these insects!

    How wonderful of you to pick a flower where people have so many childhood memories. I only remember popping the heads of dandelions - lol!

    Another nice post. I came here to see your Acadia look at me....I'm learning stuff! haha


  7. Hi Julie- you are welcome- and they are nasty little buggers. Thanks for your comments- I had not heard that about the seed heads of the Jewel Weed but will certainly explore the next time I see it.


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