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Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/15/12 Caribou Mountain

I have drawn in the Dynamite Brook Rd. and the trail that leads to Catherine Mtn. and  what's called the Caribou Extension that takes you up Caribou.The extension starts out as a nice woods walk

With some sunny breaks

And then climbs fairly steeply to an open ridge on the Caribou Trail, where Kelley decided on a rest

while I tried another panoramic shot- please do the double click thing

 Caribou Mtn. Trail pano 8-15-12

We followed the ridge for awhile then dropped back into the woods heading south west 

Mostly fairly heavily wooded but also some rock formations. Kelley only needed a boost once.

Not sure how far we got but it was quite warm and humid and I didn't want to overtax Kelley so we turned and went back the way we had come.

There had been only two very small pools of water in otherwise dried up streams so we stopped at nearby Fox Pond for a nice cooling swim

A pretty good outing- no problem with bugs and we met only one other person. 3  1/4 hours


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!! Just because you say I never respond but just lurk--how many is this by the way???
    Should get some of your followers to ask.

  2. Hey Tom, John Wright here (remember me?) Nice to see that you are following your brother's blog. :)

    Just say hi to your bro once in a while on this blog here. :)

  3. Thanks Tom for commenting- listen to john Wright

    Thanks John

  4. John I could never forget you--you led my brother down the path of --well lets just you led him--hope all is well with you, and yes I am a lurker and have noted that you know quite a bit about bugs and stuff--I have enjoyed reading your responses as well!


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