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Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/22/12 Redmans Beach - Black Mountain

Beautiful day - sunny, 70s, no bugs. Goal was Redmans Beach, avoiding the East Peak of the Mountain which is too difficult for Kelley.

We started from Black Mountain Rd. and the trail throught he woods is  pleasant and easy

but soon becomes rocky and fairly steep as it climbs the mountain- but nothing Kelley couldn't handle.

And then you start to get some nice views as you cross a stretch of granite as you are  going down again toward the Caribou Mtn. Trail

A wind farm I had not noticed before

The Caribou Mtn. Trail is a steep 25 minute drop down to the trail to Redmans Beech which is flat and easy. About half way it begins to follow a stream and Kelley was able to get into the water ( streams to this point had been dry).

When we reached the beach at Donnell Pond Kelley got to have a real swim. There was a family camping with dogs and a couple there by boat and both had dogs which Kelley got to play with while I chatted with the people. 

On the way back I took a wrong turn and we ended up on East Peak with this view. Unfortunately the hike from here to the Black Mountain Trail is extremely difficult with me having to lift Kelley several times.  She does not like to be lifted so she would run off seeking ways around but mostly there were none so there was an unhappy dog having to be lifted over obstacles.  This made for a rather slow descent and we were both glad when we reached the trail down that we had come up on.

So a good hike until I screwed up and overall not that bad once we were down.  5  1/4 hours


  1. wow, 5 1/4 hours is some hike!! The views are stunning.

  2. Thanks Teresa- longer than planned because of my mistake but you are right about the views.


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