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Sunday, August 12, 2012

8/12/12 Bangor

Yesterday we had a very light rain that never let up all day so we just did a couple of short walks around the neighborhood. More rain predicted for today but it was not raining in the morning and we got in an hour and a half without getting rained on. I thought I might see some interesting city stuff but Kelley knows where the Kenduskeag is and insisted we head that way. We ended up following the stream to the end of the trail and then back. Of course Kelley got into the water several times and I knew I would have a wet dog all day because she could not lie out in the sun and dry as she usually does when we get home.

This is near the start of the trail in the center of town

A short way upstream you can see how low the water is- we have had little rain of late and what we just got was only 0.3 "

So,  a pleasant enough walk and Kelley was happy with all the water


  1. Hi John..Really like the mirrored reflection in the last one ..nice!!
    Great ones of the leaves to!!
    In this weather I don't think much of anything would dry...I don't Kelley mined! I am ready for some enjoyable weather with no humidity !!

  2. Thanks for your comments Grace. Fall is, perhaps , my favorite season here.


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