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Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/5/12 Boyd Path and Hunters Brook

Yesterday was forecast to be about 90 degrees so we went to Caribou Bog early. The deer flies were so thick they even bothered Kelley who usually mostly ignores them, and we drove to  two other trails that were equally infested, We gave up and came home.

Today ( cloudy) was not supposed to be as warm but there was possible rain in the forecast and then sun later on. We  would decide at Ellsworth to go either to Tunk Mtn. or on to Acadia. At Ellsworth it was very foggy ( no views from Tunk) so we continued on to Acadia to do the Boyd Path/Road.

This is one of the abandoned trails. You reach it via a park service road from Rte. 3 that takes you past their firing range. As we started out there were a lot of deer flies and I was afraid we were in for a repeat of yesterday. Once past the firing range you find the trail in the corner of a small clearing and once we entered the woods  the flies disappeared.

We followed the trail ( approximate location shown in brown on the map) to near Bubble Pond and then took the carriage road the rest of the way to the pond- we have not been able to find the last little section and it may now be overlaid by the carriage road.

A panoramic shot of Bubble Pond- click and then again for a large view

Bubble Pond pano 8-5-12

After Kelley had a couple of dips in the pond we took the carriage road back down to the Hunters Brook Trail which mostly follows  the brook ( and crosses it several times) - one of Kelley's favorites.

A large old tree I sat on while we ate our lunch

Hunters Brook trail head is on the park loop road a short distance from Rte. 3 and from there it's a very short walk to the car. A very nice loop- We did not get any sun but also no rain. 2  1/2 hours


  1. Nice panorama. I like the low camera angle to include the foreground rocks and plants.

    The wormy wood is very nice also.

  2. Thanks for your comments John

  3. Hi John...that Bubble Pond shot is a beauty..and a lovely spot for a dip for Kelley!!!
    Love the design on the tree!! : }
    Should be a better day today..hope the weatherman is right!!!

  4. Hi Grace - thanks for commenting and yes, Kelley thought the pond was great.Seems less humid but it's early

  5. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog when doing a search for Schoodic Mountain. I am so happy I found you! My husband and I are leaving for Maine on Thursday, spending a few days in Portland, and then we’re renting a house in Deer Isle. Would you have any recommendations for good hikes in that area? We are already planning for a day with some hiking on Isle au Haut, will do the South Ridge of Cadillac trail (a tradition we have), and may do Schoodic again – we did it for the first time last summer, coming in from the Hog Bay side, with no trail markers whatsoever. The summit made it all worth it! Any insight is most appreciated! We love Maine, and try to go back each year.

  6. Hi Jenn

    We have not done much near Deer Isle. We have done the trails at Holbrook Island (the mainland part) and if you type that into the search thingy at the top of the page you will get several posts on that park. We have also done the trails at and near Blue Hill- their link:

    If you type Blue Hill into search you will also get some posts but I just looked and saw that pictures have mysteriously disappeared.

    Sears Island is also interesting but maybe a bit further away in Searsport.

    Sorry I don't know of more close to deer Isle. Let us hear where you end up going.

  7. Hi John, thanks for the quick reply! This helps, will do the Google tonight, and report back after our adventures :)

  8. Hi Jenn- Google ? Don't miss the search feature at the top of the blog for those hikes-the posts have maps. Please do share your adventures with us. Have fun.

  9. John, Sometimes the rainy,foggy days make for some 'moody' magical pictures. All so beautiful today.


  10. Hi Julie

    Thank you - and you are right about the weather and pictures- I much prefer non sunny days for pictures- for mood as you say but also for nice saturated color

  11. Just found your blog. I mostly hike NH, but have been thinking I need to also get to Maine more. Your trip reports are informative and interesting to read and you take some incredible photos! Thanks for sharing your and Kelley's experiences.

    Chris Harding

  12. Hi Chris-- Thanks for looking and for your nice comments. I have been thinking about NH but it would have to be an over night and I'm not sure how to deal with that yet. What's a good resource for hikes there?

  13. Hi John....

    My pleasure. You really do have a talent for framing some beautiful shots.

    As far as resources I use, there are a few. One is Chris Dailey's blog here:
    Chris writes some great trip reports and shares some great pictures (though he is starting to write less and let the pictures tell the story). He also offers a lot of information on trails and conditions. I've also traded a couple emails with him and he's always been friendly and helpful.

    Another source I use is this website:
    It is a searchable database that is a great help in finding hikes that meet specific criteria.

    Then there is a website I found today:
    Despite the URL, it actually covers NH, MA, ME, VT & NY and has a lot of great information and images from a lot of sources. Incidentally, I found my way to your site from there.

    Aside from that, I've been using the AMC White Mountains map to plan a lot of hikes and that actually has AMC's top 50 hikes listed with a brief description and difficulty level. Finally, I have found a lot of useful information and great hikes in the Falcon Guide, 'Hiking New Hampshire'.

    I hope this helps and I'm always willing to share whatever limited experience I have (I just started getting back into hiking this year after many years away from it). Feel free to email me at or if you think I might be able to help.

  14. Ooops.....I meant to provide a link to the book.....

  15. Hi Chris- Thanks again and for all the info and links and your email. I will contact you if we come down your way. My email is here on the blog. Happy trails to you.


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