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Saturday, August 25, 2012

8/24/12 Breakneck Road and McFarland Attempt

A beautiful sunny day in the 70s . An easy hike for Kelley who still seems to be a tiny bit lame from our Black Mountain adventure.

The Breakneck is an abandoned road that still belongs to the town of Bar Harbor even though the land on either side is national park. In some places you can see it was once a road but in others it's a single path.

There is a beaver dam betwen the two ponds that can be tricky to navigate but today is was almost dry.

Upper Breakneck Pond

Lower  Breakneck Pond

After we crossed between the ponds we headed off into the woods to once again search for the abandoned McFarland Mtn. Trail.  We have searched  in the past without success and today was no different. You begin on what looks like old trail and follow that until it just peters out and then look around for more of it. After a bit of wandering Kelley looks at me as if to say, "You don't know where you are going do you?" - she is used to following a trail of some sort. We then came back down to the Breakneck and continued on to Rte. 233 , turned around and returned the way we had come.

Back at the pond we stopped for lunch and photos of a couple of creatures. This tiny frog was only a little over an inch long.

As we continued back we met a nice couple from New York who gave Kelley some attention, which made her happy, while we talked about trails.

A very pleasant outing  3 hours


  1. Hi John...Beautiful area and water shots ...the reflection is nice and the last one is great!!
    People love seeing a dog on the trail and dogs like seeing people so they can get the attention, good for Kelley!
    I have a Gray Tree Frog on my post.very tiny too!

  2. Hi Grace - Thanks for your comments. Most people do respond positively to Kelley- but she is so friendly most people can't help themselves. I will look for your tree frog.

  3. Hi John!

    This is Ashley and Nate - the New Yorkers you met on the trail. We were so pleased to see that you'd mentioned your encounter with us! We very much enjoyed breakneck road along with meeting you and Kelley.

    We're back in NYC now and wondering what on earth we're doing here after being surrounded by such natural beauty up in Maine. Some day we'll make it back. Until then, we'll keep up with your blog and enjoy the photos from the city.

  4. Hi Ashley

    First, thanks for leaving a comment on our blog- second we very much enjoyed meeting the two of you also. When you return let us know if we can help with your plans.

  5. Is a fantastic place you are very lucky

  6. Thanks for your comment grifo- it is a beautiful place and we do feel lucky to live here.


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