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Friday, August 3, 2012

8/2/12 Eliot and Cedar Swamp Mountains

Yesterday it rained all morning so we ended up doing a couple of walks around the neighborhood. This morning was gray and foggy with drizzle. It was forecast to clear but when we got to the trail head on Rte. 3 the fog was thicker- at least not raining. We hiked up and over Eliot and then took the Asticou to the Sargent S. Ridge. The fog remained for the entire hike.

View from Cedar Swamp Mountain

There were some nice lichen though

Back down S. Ridge and the Asticou to return on Harbor Brook. There had been little water on the other trails and Kelley was happy to have the stream to get in and out of and cool off.

Not a bad hike in spite of the fog- there were also few mosquitoes or deer flies.  4 hours


  1. HI John...It didn't rain here yesterday, but it sure was a sticky muggy day, with no sun until late afternoon !!
    Another hot one today..hate to complain, but I'm not sure if it is because I am getting old and can't take this heat, or the climate is changing!
    Is there a place around you that you haven't hiked? Does your map show all the trails you have been on?
    Frog, dog, and fog..nice morning!!: }
    Like the lichen... fascinating stuff!!

  2. Hi Grace- Thanks again for commenting. With me it's not that I getting old-I have never liked heat.We still learn about trails we didn't know about so, no, we haven't hiked them all. Most of the trails in Acadia-except for those with iron rungs or ladders that Kelley can't do.

  3. John,
    Although it was foggy, looks like you and Kelley enjoyed yourselves. I'll have to look this hike up.

    I don't like the heat either. This weekend is going to be muggy, so Violet & I won't want to hike. Oh well, sometimes the couch is a good place to be too! ;)

    Thanks for visiting my site. That was a nice surprise!


  4. Hi Julie

    We did enjoy ourselves. The part along Harbor Brook is connected to the Little Long Pond section which is private property and means you don't have to use a leash.

    It's often 5- 10 degrees cooler at Acadia but this weekend looks rough.

  5. Deer flies "bug" me more than blackies and skitters together.

  6. Hi penbayman- they really are annoying for me but they really make me angry when they bite Kelley on the face.


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