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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8/14/12 City Forest

Found a decent map of the trails. We park at the end of Kittredge Rd. and walk down the hill to the beaver pond- about where the black trail line starts. We followed the West Trail to the old rail bed and that to where it gets really soggy and then back and along it to a trail (not shown on the map) that took us back to West Trail and back to the start.

Bug buddies

This one was crossing the trail and I put my foot down to stop him for a picture but he continued on as if nothing had happened

I don't know what this is or was but thought it pretty- I guess something gone to seed

 Last stop, the pond for a final swim

A nice two hour walk- we met only one woman and her dog, which was unusual.


  1. HI John..It seems cooler this morning, but looks like it will get worse before it get better!!
    You are a brave guy to go of in this weather we have been having,even in early morning! : }
    I would like to be a Kelley this summer...all those swims would have been refreshing!!!
    The first Skimmer or Dragonfly ( never can tell them apart) is a pretty fella, and the face on one is great!! I find them very interesting creatures!! I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to find the name of the one I took a photo of, but there are so many...ended up with nothing positive,and a wasted 2 hr.!!
    Bug buddies and caterpillars,and the seed head I am not sure either, but make for some great photos!!
    Thanks for the sharing!!

  2. Hi Grace

    Thanks for your nice comments- I can tell Dragons from Damsels- Damsels rest with wings folded up and dragons have them out- separate eyes on damsels-together on dragons- most of the others I can't identify and rely on more knowledgeable people to enlighten me.

  3. The details on the dragons (I'm guessing based on your comment) is so crisp and clear. The wings are so delicate. Great picture john!


  4. Hi Julie- thanks for your comment- yes- dragonflies


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