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Saturday, July 28, 2012

7/27/12 Rampe-Sklar

Rain predicted  ( never happened) so we went to a nearby area. Another confusing trail system as there are many trails not on the map and many intersections lack markers. We did manage to follow the map from the Boy Scout office to the high school area but can't say how we got from there to the Sklar Park area- from which we did fine getting back. A pleasant 2 hour wander anyway.

These are not as sharp as they could be but I had never seen this moth before-less than an inch long. Anyone know it's name?



  1. Hi John...I do indeed know your moth is the Rosy Maple Moth!!
    I have had them on my screen at night and have occasionally seen them during the day such as you have ..they are just gorgeous as you lovely photos show!!
    I love finding images in wood grains and such..I conjured up a couple in this one you showed : }!
    Have you ever gotten total lost at any time?
    I did once in the woods in back of my home, (of course there is about 150 acres back there an no trails)! I was about ready to spend the night : } when I started hearing a lot of traffic, and realized I was in a little patch of woods across the river from route 196 , a reverse direction, and came out into fields and was home in 15 minutes!! Last time I depended on rock walls, moss on the side of trees,on a dull limited sun day!!
    Ooop's sorry so long!

  2. Hi Grace - Thanks for commenting and the ID- I saw pictures of those when I tried to ID it myself but they seemed to have more elaborate markings. We have got lost many times but never lost to where I thought we would spend the night in the woods - mostly just meant a longer hike than anticipated. This sometimes happens when I let Kelley choose the trails and I don't pay enough attention to the turns.


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