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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/17/12 Little Long Pond


After the heat and other stresses of the past few days Kelley needed an easy hike with water and dogs. Off to Little Long Pond. Gray day with fog and rain predicted but not nearly as hot.

                                                         Little long Pond Fog pano 7-17-12

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We met  lots of people and most had dogs- one English fellow had 5 and who we hike with along Jordan Stream for awhile. All this was great fun for Kelley.

Near the end of the hike we were walking with a woman and her two labs and the rain began so we headed for our car. A nice hike 2  1/2 hours


  1. Hi John...Pond Lilies are so lovely, I remember canoeing through area of them and the beauty and the scent was amazing..I lost my scene of smell over a year ago after a bad fall..and I do miss things such as these!!
    Your photos are just lovely!!
    Nice to meet up with fellow hikers of the two and four legged kind !!

  2. Thanks for your comment Grace. Sorry about your sense of smell-does that affect taste too? And yes, Kelley likes to meet bot people and dogs. She is such a friendly soul.

  3. Hi, John. I discovered your blog earlier this week. We are currently in Acadia and I was doing some research about what trails would be best for our dog, or more importantly, which ones to avoid. I have enjoyed looking through many of your posts and have found them very helpful. Also, your pictures are great. We were thinking of doing Little Long Pond on Tuesday, but decided to slog our way up Eliot Mt. in the fog instead. We'll be out on the trails for a few more days, so maybe we'll run into you. If you have a moment for some advice, we were wanting to do Cadillac (for the first time) and I was wondering which route would be the best. We're riding the bus, so we don't need to do the same trail up and back. Any suggestions?

    Also, I'm glad you started out Monday's post with "Safely Home." I almost had a panic attack when I read that Kelley was lost. Amazing how you can grow attached to a dog you've never met in a matter of days. Glad all is well and keep up the great work.

  4. Diana July 19, 2012

    John, am still holding my breath and was afraid to continue reading about Kelley's missing "misadventure". With tears in my eyes and a smile I was glad that I read on and that she is safe and enjoying the trails...again, with you.

    The water lily pics are fantastic, a favorite of mine as are the daisy photos.

  5. Hi anon- Thanks for the words of support and comments about the flowers. It was a horrible experience but had a happy ending. Saturday the Humane Society is doing micro-chips and she's getting one.

  6. Hi Kristie- Thanks for your nice comments. The nice thing about the Little Long Pond area is you don't have to use a leash as that area is private property. The hikes up the sides of Cadillac are steep and rocky and not for Kelley- I would do the South Ridge ( longer but more gradual) , though that is popular and there will be other folks. If you are taking the bus you could go down the North Ridge Trail and take the bus back (rather than do an out and back) around to your start. What kind of dog should I look for?

    Hi Again Kristie- There is a search function at the top of the page that will let you find specific trails

  7. Thanks, John. I read that North Ridge is the least tricky, but I wasn't sure if South Ridge or Cannon Brook was better for the other half, I've heard there are some dicey bits on either. We have a beagle (with a bright red harness), so she's small enough to lift over difficult spots, as long as it's not too bad. We've done Acadia Mountain twice without any problems. I know we will have plenty of company on Cadillac, but we didn't do it last time we were here. I've been using the search function a lot this week to help sort through all the possibilities. Thanks again for all the great info. I've imbedded my blog info into my profile, so if you click my name, it should take you over there if you want to get a better look at us, in case our paths cross.

  8. Canon Brook has a section that is impossible for Kelley and difficult for me- we do a large bushwhack around that section

    1. Ok, we're going to give it a try today and do the North and South Ridges. Thanks again for the info.

  9. Hi Kristie- let us hear how it goes - we did the bus thing from the Gorham parking lot to the loop road the far side of Champlain.

    1. Hey, John! We did North Ridge to South and it was great. It's not the most difficult terrain we've done, but really long at 6 miles. It won't be on the top of my list to do in the future, it's just too far to hike and get to the top with all those other people, but I'm glad we did it. I was thinking of Champlain next - from Sand Beach, the Bowl Trail to Bear Brook Trail. We did Gorham last week and it was good hike, but we did it on the day it was 90 degrees, that was a mistake. In the meantime, we're taking a little break. Maybe I can get my crew rallied by Monday! I'm so glad I found your blog, it gave me the reassurance I needed to tackle some of these trails with Chloe and I can tell she's having fun, even if she's a little worn out. Thank Kelley for all her research.

  10. Hi Kritie- yup a long hike but some nice views-it is a bit of a downer to reach the summit and find all the cars and buses after your hard work.

    The hike from Sand Beach to the Bowl and then up Champlain is a really nice one. Champlain is close to the ocean so has a little different vantage point and there are interesting sections along the way- if up to it go down the north ridge to the loop road and get the bus back to Sand Beach. And once again let us hear about it. There have been lots of comments on the blog but few talk about hikes.


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