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Monday, July 23, 2012

7/22/12 Hidden Ponds and Part of Tunk Trail

A beautiful day- a good day for the ponds- woods and water. The above map is the old one which shows the sections no longer maintained and the new loop trail.

Kelley did not used to like bog bridges but uses them now

We continued on the no longer maintained section to Tilden Pond. The trail is well used and in excellent condition as shown here.

At Tilden we backtracked to  the loop trail  which passes near Little long Pond

click twice for big picture
Little Long Pond -Tunk 7-22-12

The trail up Tunk is too difficult for Kelley ( we usually do it from Myrick Pond Road which is easier) but decide to go part way up. We were soon at a rocky part Kelley was having a problem with and while trying to solve it met a nice couple and their dogs. They went ahead and with a boost from me we got over the obstacle. Kelley immediately raced ahead and hiked with the people and their dogs who had passed us. They stopped near the iron rungs and we talked trails and then they went ahead and we went back down.

We did get this nice view from the trail- click twice  for larger view

Tunk Mtn. Trail View 7-22-12

After lunch at Salmon Pond   we headed back to our car and saw this nice grass on the way

An enjoyable outing on a very nice day. 3  3/4 hours                


  1. Hi John...Wonderful day for a hike ..but I have allergy headache : { !!
    I am always amazed at the log trails,and the work that must go into putting them in!!
    Glad you was able to get Kelley over the bad spot, goodness she needed to have a visit with trail buddies : }!!
    The pond lily pad is a great photo, love those ponds you get to see! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi Grace- thanks for commenting- yes she can't resist other dogs. We are grateful to all the folks who take care of the trails. Hope you are over the headache


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