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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7/23/12 Blue Hill Trails

I won't post a map because we weren't able to follow the one we had ( no fault of the provider) . We started out as instructed and followed the brook but after the waterfall and a bit more along the brook we were wandering ( I do not have a good sense of direction) . The woods and the brook were beautiful and it was an enjoyable outing of 2  1/2 hours. We shall return.

I have a weakness for reflections

              Info from a friend to me

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  1. good wandering! it looks like a fabulous trail!

  2. Thanks TeresA- lots more to explore there.

  3. Hi, John. Great photos, I especially like the one of Kelley with the waterfall. We did Champlain yesterday: Bowl Trail, South Ridge and down North Ridge (on my old map, this is called Bear Brook). It is so beautiful. It was a little too breezy and it started to cloud up as we got to the top, but what gorgeous views. So much ado is made of the Precipice Trail that it seems none of the trail guides talk much about these trails, other than as a way down after going up Precipice. If you're not interested in doing Precipice (and I'm not), it would be easy to overlook these great alternatives. In my opinion, it has a great payoff for such a moderately difficult hike, relative to many of the other mountain trails. Thanks for recommending it.

    I'm glad I'm able to share some of my experiences this week with you. Not everyone is as lucky as we are to have access to all these great hikes, but I can tell lots of your readers are happy to at least share in your adventures. Heck, it took me almost five years to get back here after my first visit! This week we've done Gorham, Acadia, Eliot, South Bubble, Cadillac and Champlain and we have had no problems with Chloe.

  4. Thanks Kristie- it was a nice hike. And thank you for sharing your hikes with us. That hike is one I also really like. I'm glad Chloe had no problems. Kelley has done all of the peaks in Acadia- you just have to pick the right trails to avoid things like iron rungs.

    Don't stay away 5 more years.

  5. Great looking place-- love the picture of Kelley looking down the trail

  6. Hi Faith - thanks for your comment- just learned about this place from someone we met on the Tunc Mtn. Trail.

  7. Where is the trail head and what is it called?

    1. Won't let me post in this section so I added to end of above post. Click on them to make them larger - then right click to save to desk top.

    2. More nearby trails


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