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Monday, July 16, 2012

7/16/12 Safely Home

Late Saturday afternoon we had some watermelon and then I was reading and Kelley was laying in the shade. I looked up and she was not there so I looked around for her and could not find her. I got in my car and drove around the neighborhood in widening circles without finding her. When it became dark I stopped looking and hoped she would come home for her supper ( she had never gone but a short distance from the house). When she did not I started to really worry and spent Saturday night and Sunday very worried- I was afraid someone had taken her- she is so friendly she would go with anyone. Yesterday I drove around a bit more but that seemed not productive. I sent an email to the Humane Society ( they are closed on Sunday) reporting a lost dog and spent the rest of my time trying not to think the worst and trying not to think - I screwed up an electrical repair job , making it worse , among other projects. This morning about 10:30 the Humane Society called to say someone had brought Kelley to them late Saturday and I could get her at 12:00 when they opened. What a fantastic feeling of relief.  When I picked her up she was really anxious to leave and when we got home wanted to be near me. It was already in the upper 80s and too hot to hike but I took her to the nearby Kenduskeag  Stream so she could have a cooling swim and we had a short walk along the stream before coming home to enjoy the shade in the back yard- Kelley on a long lead.




  1. What an awful experience! I feel for both of you and am so glad she is back. You take such ggod care of each other :)

  2. Thanks Faith-it was terrible but with a happy ending

  3. Hi John...Wow how scary that must have been...I have never had that problem with my dogs,but have had cats disappear in real hot weather like this
    to return after a few days..very worrisome!!
    So so fortunate that she was safe all that time,but how traumatic it must have been for the both of you!!
    Kelly is your right hand companion : }}}
    Glad for your happy ending!!
    You two take care..we have a few more days of this weather!!

  4. I'm so glad you found Kelley! I would be in a huge state of panic if this happened to my dog. Thank goodness some nice person turned her in to the Humane Society.

  5. Sounds like a long lead is a good idea.

  6. Fortunately it finally ended in the best way! Happy for you both!
    Why do you think Kelley left home?

  7. hanks Grace, Linda, John, and Marco for your kind words. She sometimes goes down a house or two but this time was picked up a little further away- but only 3 or 4 blocks- I think she gets a scent of something and goes to check it out.


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