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Sunday, July 1, 2012

6/30 12 Sunkhaze Meadows

Forecast is for hot and humid with possible thunder storms so we got an early start to nearby Sunkhaze.

We first took the Carter Meadow Road  to the loop that leads to the observation platform. The road leads through some very pretty woods.

The loop trail had very lush vegetation form all the rain but soon became very wet

And wetter- we soon were faced with a large area of water ( Kelley not complaining at all) and I was forced to do some serious bushwhacking trying to get around it.

Eventually came to the other side of the loop and attempted to backtrack to the observation platform but again  the water stopped me and we turned to complete the loop and take the road back to our car. We did find this nice leaf.

We drove to the Johnson Brook Trail  and this, being higher was not under water. We walked to the beaver pond and Kelley had a nice swim and then we did the regular trail which  goes through woods and a cedar swamp.                                                  


These creatures- they looked like some kind of bee would confront us by staying stationary at about eye level and just hover there as if challenging us to proceed.

An enjoyable outing as we finished before it got  too hot and the deer flies were not unbearable. 2  1/2 hours                                                                                                                                    


  1. Looks pleasant enough...although wet.

  2. Hi John...My sure have had some rain this summer...It just gets somewhat dry,and down it comes again, but like you say Kelly doesn't seem to care!!
    You always have a nice leave to show, likes like art work!!
    The hovering fella is a great shot and pretty funny !!

  3. Thanks for looking and commenting Grace - I'm pleased that you like the pictures.

  4. Hi John, The dogs and I went to Johnson Brook in Sunkhaze yesterday (I was too worried about thunderstorms Sat.), and it was beautiful. The woodsy smells were strong and wonderful, too. Love the "guard bug." I found Carter Meadow to be too wet (not as much as you found, though!) early in June, so I did not try it this time. I want to try the Buzzy Brook trails, but don't want to get lost in the maze! If you want a companion sometime, I'd love to join you and Kelley, Faith (and Gus & Roxie)

  5. Hi Faith
    I'd like to do Buzzy Brook with you and the dogs. It tends to also be wet so we may want to wait till we have a few dry days.


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