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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7/10/12 City Forest - Kelley Meets a Bear

I thought we should have an easy day following Kelley's strenuous hike yesterday. We parked at the end of Kittredge Rd. , she had a swim in the pond , and we started off down a trail we don't usually take  that led us back to the trail we usually take between West Trail and the rail bed.
  Kelley got excited and ran ahead as she does when she catches the scent of another dog. I sped up to catch up to her  and heard a growl as I came into view of Kelley and a bear - I couldn't tell exactly what was going on as the bear was down on all fours and the grass on the trail is high but they seemed to be going at it. Kelley then retreated and came back to me and I secured her on a leash and turned to hopefully get a shot of the bear. It stood up- it's intimidation stance I suppose-  I got 1 bracketed shot before it dropped back down and moved off the trail. Kelley was pulling at her leash and barking ( something she rarely does) - wanting to return to the bear.

We proceeded cautiously, me keeping Kelley close and passed by the bear who was just a few feet off the trail sitting in the brush- no way for another shot. It seemed to be just waiting for us to be on our way. Later in the hike we went by the start of that trail again and Kelley was all hot to return. I think she thought it was some kind of really big dog.

I have hiked most of my life and all over the country, including places like Yellowstone and Yosemite  and this is the first time I have encountered a bear on the trail.

A couple of the milder sights

An interesting 2 hour hike. Kelley did fine and showed no signs of lameness when we returned home.


  1. Hi John...Wow I think that would have sent me running,and a change of underwear ; }!!! You did get two amazing shots!! He is a beauty, with that shiny black coat!!
    I haven't seen one probably since I was a kid, when we used to watch Momma bear bring the cubs out in the field in back of our home in Northern Maine to eat wild strawberries, but never saw one while tramping the woods!! Plenty of signs though!!

    I hope I didn't jinks you when I asked if you ever see any wild life while hiking!!!!!!
    I guess a bear was the last thing I would have though of!!
    Do you suppose Kelly will be looking for "BIG" dogs from now on???

  2. Wow, what an exciting hike! I'm glad Kelley did not get injured. Love your last flower photo.

  3. Ciao John,

    you have been lucky for two reasons: one for the great shots and also for not having any problem meeting that "big dog..."

  4. Hi Grace- I did think of your comment about wildlife- Kelley thinks all animals and people are her friends.

    Hi Linda - Yes, my main concern was for Kelley who didn't realize the danger. Glad you like the Daylily

    Ciao Marco - Yes we were lucky- oddly, the bear did not seem threatening.

  5. Wow! Exciting-- don't think I could have been as nonchalant about the nearness of the bear. I have wondered what I would do if the dogs and I encountered a bear or moose. Wonderful picture you got as a reward for your presence of mind!

  6. Thanks for your comments Faith.

  7. Wow, glad you are both safe. Can't believe your nerves!

  8. Thanks for commenting Penobscot- It really wasn't frightening- maybe there is something wrong with me.

  9. We hiked the Bold Cutler Coast last weekend and the only wildlife we saw were eiders. I bet BDN would like the bear photos to run with a story on the City Forest. We saw 3 cubs and then the mother while biking in the Moosehorn WR many years ago. We did not stop for pictures.

  10. Hi Jill--thanks for leaving a comment- as I said above I have never seen one on the trail in remote places


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