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Friday, July 13, 2012

7/12/12 Notches and Moose Ponds

Hot day so we headed for Greenville which is north and a bit cooler. We started with the Notches Ponds

Little Notch Pond

Little Notch Pond pano 7-12-12

Kelley enjoying Big Notch Pond


We considered doing the trail over to the Moose Ponds but there is a section on the way up to the ridge that Kelley cannot manage without a boost ( she hates that) so we went back to the car and drove to the Moose Ponds trail head.

Big Moose Pond
                                                                            Big Moose Pond pano 7-12-12

There is an old concrete dam or some sort of  water retainer that Kelley will not walk across and so swims around it

The only critters we saw were small

A pleasant 3 hour hike- most of the time we were in the woods and shaded so the heat was not bad nor were the insects.                                                    


  1. Hi John...Maine sure does have some beautiful spots, which shows in your photos!!
    Kelley is a lucky dog...I am not sure I could resist taking a dip in those refreshing waters either, or a least a wade in!!
    I am sure she liked swimming around the dam much more anyway!!
    The dried piece of wood??? looks like a trail map to me "nice"!!
    Nice Blue Skimmer...glad that is the biggest critter you saw!! : }
    Thanks for your comment on my post, appreciate it!

  2. Hi Grace

    Thanks again for commenting. Yes, Kelley dearly loves the water.

  3. Hi John, Looks like a wonderful spot especially for swimming! Blue insect is beautiful. Faith

  4. Hi Faith thanks for commenting- it is a nice spot, though a bit further than we usually drive.


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