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Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/25/12 U. Maine Trails

Didn't feel like a long drive and the garden work is still behind so it was the  nearby trails at U. Maine.  These trails are very confusing- there are many trails not on the map and markers are missing from many so we usually end up not according to plan but just wandering. Today we did better than usual with some false starts near the corn field not shown on the map because I'm not sure which wrong trails we were on. Our biggest mistake was turning off the bike path at the wrong place and having to walk back along the road to our car. But it was a beautiful sunny day with breezes to keep the bugs down and we had a nice 2  3/4 hour walk.

Some things we saw




  1. Hi John...Behind on gardening.. I am always behind, and I am here to do it : }!!
    It finally was cool enough to be pulling weeds, and it was a day of the plummer,a carpenter replacing my rotten deck,and the guy to measure the front entry door for replacement...always something owning a home Whew!!
    Well good,no bears : }!! Dragonflies I love to see, there wings are so fascinating, they look like thin glass!
    Simplicity of a blade of dry grass and the beauty of a pink spiked flower head..nice photos!!
    I saw your past post..such serene looking with the water fall and the reflections! Did Kelley take a dip?

  2. Hi Grace -- Thanks for your nice comments. I have hose maintenance that is also behind. Yes, the Blue Hill trails were pretty and Kelley always takes a swim.

  3. Did you squish that Japanese Beetle?

  4. No - it wasn't in my garden


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