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Sunday, July 8, 2012

7/7/12 Sears Island

 Upper 80s and quite humid. Sears Island had a forecast for lower temps and the tides were right so that's where we went. It was still hot but on parts of the shore we got a nice breeze off the water. and , of course, there was the ocean for Kelley to cool off .  Right in she went.

Some of the other things we saw on our 2  1/2 hour hike        


This quite tattered Swallowtail was still flying

 This crab spider was having lunch



  1. HI John...You got some awesome shots here!!
    The tree trunk, and the Crab spider on the rose I especially like!!
    Clever one of the tire track,I like the shadow effect on the outer ridge of the track!! The bark looks like a group of houses from an aerial shot from a long distance look down on them..I know vivid imagination !!
    Oh and the swirl of sand and water (I believe)
    makes the shape of a heart!!
    Ok I'll stop !!

  2. Sears Island..a very enjoyable spot for man and beast!

  3. Thanks Grace- you got most of them- the "bark" is actually rock and the "swirl" is another rock- there are a lot of interesting rock formations on the island.

    Thanks for stopping by penbayman- it is a nice spot.

  4. liked the spider picture..almost camouflaged

  5. Thanks Seema- it did a pretty good job


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