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Saturday, July 14, 2012

7/14/12 Downtown Bangor

Another 90 degree day so we went downtown early to walk around before it got too warm. I parked next to the river so Kelley took advantage of the opportunity.

Even though it was not yet 8 o'clock it was already uncomfortable and even Kelley's usual enthusiasm was missing . We decide to make it a short 1 hour walk.

Almost back to the parking lot we met Harley and his owner , who had come here on a boat from Palm Beach. He and Kelley got along immediately and acted as though they were old friends. Harley's boat  trip had been a long one so he hadn't had much  opportunity to play with other dogs.


After a bit the dogs got hot and decided to rest and we continued on to the car.       


  1. Harley looks a lot like Ellie. We hiked Mt. Blue yesterday in Weld- Center Hill part of Mt. Blue State Park. There's a great new tower on the top. It's been built to house communications equipment but with a nice viewing platform that gets you above the tree. Open steel stairway that made Ellie nervous but she did climb it. Trail is 1.7 miles with some steep sections. We did okay despite the heat. A fall hike for foliage would be very nice. Swimming nearby at the Webb lake portio of MBSP. Dogs must go to boat launch to swim. At the public beach & at the boat launch there are nice views to the east of Mt. Blue, the Jacksons and many ridges. Highly recommend.

  2. Hi Jill - thanks for commenting and the information.

  3. it's been hot here too. Glad that you didn't run into any bears!! The dog is really cute

  4. Hi Teresa- Thanks for commenting- the dogs were great together

  5. What wonderful dog pictures!

  6. Thanks Faith- they really seemed to like each other.


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