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Saturday, March 31, 2012

3/30/12 Ship Harbor Toward Seawall

A pretty day but windy. The wind was brisk but blowing out to sea so it was actually less of a factor once we were on the shore. We started from the parking area for Ship Harbor and walked that to the shore.

From there we headed along the shore toward Wonderland and beyond there to Seawall.

We walked among the rocks but also inland when the rocks became difficult for Kelley. There is no trail along the shore but small pieces of trail in the brush indicate others have turned inland.

I know I have photographed these seaweeds many times before but can't seem to resist them.

Or the rocks and Lichen

When we neared Seawall we turned and retraced our steps to Wonderland to take that trail out to the road and back to our car. Along that trail we met Sydney ( I hope I have spelled that correctly) and her owner. We had met them once before on this same trail and it was a happy reunion as the dogs play well together and Sydney's owner and I were both glad the dogs got to enjoy themselves and get some extra exercise.

A pretty day, interesting things to see, and Sydney. Both Kelley and I were happy with this hike. 3 hours


  1. Another nice set of photos. Sydney looks like a playful dog.

  2. What cute dogs! I love your photos of the pups playing.

  3. Thanks John. Sydney is a young pup a very energetic.

  4. Hi Linda - thanks for looking and commenting. They really had a good time.

  5. What a beautifully day! Has me longing for summer in Acadia (although I'm sure it didn't feel like it today). Loved seeing Kelley cavorting with Sydney. Nothing more joyful than a pair of happy dogs!

  6. Thanks for looking and for your comments Mark. It is a joy to see Kelley with another dog. It males her so happy.


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