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Monday, March 19, 2012

3/18/12 Misadventure

Decided we would try to do Catherine Mountain from the east. I got the car loaded and Kelley stayed in bed. I failed to persuade her to come out to the car and started unloading it when she decided to come out after all. I reloaded the car and we were off.

As we were driving on 182 I noticed snow and ice beside the road and Fox Pond was still mostly frozen. We were less than 30 miles from yesterday's hike. I had directions describing the trail head and a parking lot. We found neither though there were several old woods roads in the area described. We gave up on that idea and decided to start from Dynamite Brook Road ( our usual route) . This road starts with a fairly steep climb and it was very icy. It took several tries to get past the icy section and when we turned the curve found an even larger sheet of shiny ice. I did not want to get stuck back in the woods on this road and so we backed up, turned, and returned to 182.

The parking lot for Hidden Ponds is very close and that seemed to be our best option at this point. Opened the trunk only to find no camera. I had not put it back in the car when I reloaded at home. Ok - we will still walk. We spent a little over an hour around the ponds and were surprised to find icy patches, some large enough that we had to leave the trail to get around them. The ponds were still mostly ice covered. Quite a difference from yesterday. Kelly was mostly unperturbed except during my several tries up the icy road she kept looking up to see what was going on.


  1. Is it less icy near the ocean than on the hiking trails? From what you've said it sounds like higher elevations are icier.

  2. Not sure - we were at much higher elevations yesterday but closer to the ocean as you said. We often find a lot of variation in weather conditions within a short distances. Snow at home and none when we get to a trail and vice versa


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