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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3/27/12 Western Mountains

Sunny but around 30 degrees with a wind advisory- gusts to 45 mph. We decide the protection of the woods would be good and headed for the western part of the park. The mountains peaks are mostly wooded and have some pretty trails but not the views on the more open peaks in the eastern part of the park. There are some open ledges on some of the trails with views.

We started from the pumping station at Long Pond and took the Cold Brook Trail to the Great Notch Trail which is mostly heavily wooded.

One of the old trail markers - rarely seen now.

From the notch we usually continue down the other side to the Pond Trail and back that way but we thought the pond trail would be too exposed so took the trail toward Mansell Mtn.

When we reached the Razorback we took that for awhile. You can see how it got it's name from the ridge in this section. Kelley found her own route around this section.

We only went a short distance for the views the ridge offers before the trail drops into the woods

We then continued on to Mansell - more sections of trail that Kelley had to bushwhack- and decided to take a chance on the Perpendicular Trail. A steep trail with a large number of stone 'steps' and even some iron rungs. Much less work going down than coming up.

There are even some sections that are essentially flat

And there was still ice but not really a problem on the trail

This was the only spot where Kelley needed a hand. This section was actually easier in winter when there was enough snow to climb up.

She handled all the steps with ease.

When we reached the Pond Trail we were going to take it back a ways to a favorite lunch spot and found the wind was not bad but he trail was covered in ice. The wind driven waves were crashing across the trail and freezing. I bushwhacked around the ice ( Kelley walked on it) and we returned to the parking area. From there we took the Valley Trail a short distance to a sunny spot out of the wind and had our lunch before heading back.

A pretty good though strenuous hike. 3 hours.


  1. Can't believe Kelley was in the middle of that rock field. The trail marker is a hoot.

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting John. Kelley is on the trail among those rocks.

  3. That looks like some rugged hike especially if you factor in an avalanche of ice chunks..

  4. Hi penbayman - it was a bit more strenuous than all the flatland hikes we have done because of the ice but Kelley did well. The ice chunks were beside the trail so not a problem.

  5. Great pictures of the rock steps/stairs-- gotta do this!

  6. Hi Faith - thanks, and just tell me when.


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